9 November 2016

Different kinds of Care

Day care and after-school care
For a family with a fixed week structure, Opvoedplus offers day care or after-school care by a childminder (CM). In determining the reception days and times afterschool activities of the children can be considered. Arrangements can be made for light housework like cooking and groceries. However, the priority is always taking care of the children.
Day care and after-school care can take place at the nanny’s home or at the families home.

Plus care
Care for children with special needs.
Opvoedplus works with professionals who can help with care and upbringing of children with special needs. A CM providing this care has the necessary experience in this field and also meets the legal requirements for a CM.
In consultation with the family and (if possible) the child goals can be set for the child and the caretaker to work on. These goals will be reviewed every three months. We also offer PGB guidance.

For multi-day absence of parents Opvoedplus offers the 24-hour care, in which a CM will be with the child(ren) for one night or several days and nights. The childminder stays overnight and is responsible day and night. Household chores are taken over and everything involving the children and their schedule can continue as usual. In advance we will help put together a schedule for the family, which will involve wishes and expectations about the care and supervision of children.

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