11 November 2016

Educational Support

Does raising your kids get a little bit much at times? Or do you have questions about educational matters? We offer the choice between a one-time support call or educational coaching.

Our pedagogues offer coaching to help you get/ to stay in control. Through practical tips and advice we increase your parenting skills, confidence and knowledge so you can be (and remain) the parent that your child deserves. In an one time support session the request for help will be analyzed. It will be advised how stress situations can be prevented and improved with minor changes and parenting tips.

You can also choose educational coaching; which always starts with an intake in which the request for help will be clarified and a target is set. Opvoedplus, the children and the parents will all be a part of the plan. At Opvoedplus expertise lies not only with the educators ,we see it as a partnership between the parents and the educators. We believe that every parent has sufficient strength and expertise to optimally stimulate the child’s development. Sometimes parents don’t have enough confidence in their own parenting skills.

Through the educational support Opvoedplus will help create a safe and appropriate educational environment, the parent will get to receive the boost needed to get back the confidence, peace and security in their own parenting ability. For more information on parenting support or to request an interview, please fill out the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

The rate is € 45 per session.

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