9 November 2016

Advantages of childcare at home

Childcare by a nanny/childminder has many advantages over childcare and / or a regular babysitter.
The main advantages are as follows:
• A CM ensures peace and regularity in the family, there is one face the kids see everyday.
• The care can take place at the CM’s home or with the family
• A childminder ensures that children have the freedom to participate in after-school activities or playdates.
• A CM is a professional, carefully screened by Opvoedplus. Both in experience and parenting style. References are always checked.
• A childminder is registered with the municipality and is carefully screened for qualifications within a child-centered education, and a first aid certificate.
• A CM can (if desired) perform light housework such as cooking, washing, etc.
• A CM is flexible, can be present (if desired) outside normal reception hours
• Contracts are drawn up between CM, parents and Opvoedplus so that tasks of the CM are clear and unambiguous
• Opvoedplus has a cashier function, all payments go through Opvoedplus
• With a CM you are entitled to childcare allowance

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